Are Smoothies Ruining Your Hormones

You made the perfect morning smoothie: banana, strawberries, yogurt, kale and almond milk. Yummy! But did you just send your hormones into a rage?


I often have clients tell me how proud I should be of them because they whipped up a delicious smoothie for breakfast. When I ask what they put in their smoothie, I hear things like bananas, strawberries, yogurt, honey, orange juice or milk. And often times they may be adding a tablespoon of peanut butter for protein.


Well, here’s the trouble with all that. Those ingredients will cause a spike in your blood sugar because they are way too rich in sugar, even good sugar!

You see, fruits are great and high in antioxidants and vitamins, but they are sweet and rich in fructose (fruit sugar), so having too much fruit can cause blood sugar issues and insulin sensitivity just the way a bagel or donut might!

This is problematic because the excess sugar will make PMS worse, increase moodiness, cause you to age faster (yikes!), make you gain weight (rather quickly) and excess sugar drains your energy levels.

Don’t be in denial. Just because you may be disguising it as a “smoothie” doesn’t mean you aren’t sabotaging your health efforts.

So, if you’re a smoothie lover and making them regularly, be sure to start minimizing sugary ingredients. Try adding in more green vegetables, seeds, healthy fats and a high-quality protein powder. You’ll be glad you did!

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