Cheryl’s Top 5: November

It is important to me to build a strong relationship with my “tribe”. If you are reading this – that’s you! I decided to offer a Cheryl’s Top 5 as a way of sharing insight into what I like so you can get to know me on a more personal level and see how my mind works! In the spirit of transparency, it’s only fair that I share as much about me as I ask of you! So here goes… My very first Top 5! I’d love for you to comment below and share your favorites with me, too!

  1. Footwear
    Hiking changed my life! When I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life, I lived for the woods and the solitude of nature. I walked and walked. Cried. Reflected. Screamed. Today, hiking is a more rewarding adventure shared with good friends. Less walking and more climb – lots of muscle burn and racing heart rate. Something about it makes me feel alive! I still wear my very first pair of Merrell hiking shoes. Yes, they are worn out and yes, I need a new pair. And believe me, when I do replace them, it’ll be with another pair of Merrell’s!


  1. Reading Material
    My journey to self-love began with one simple assessment from The 5 Love Languages. That statement was intended to be funny because there is nothing simple about it. Easy – yes. Simple – no! This assessment and accompanying book may be short but it packs a powerful punch if you are open to really learning what “fills up your own love tank”. This book helped me to begin to think about and talk about “feelings” in a way that opened my flood gates and I’ve never looked back. I highly recommend it! Warning: Take the assessment BEFORE you read the book or descriptions.


  1. Fitness Gear
    The very first fitness tracker I ever used was MyFitnessPal – get it, My – Fitness – Pal. I’ve tried a couple of others along the way, but I always come back to MFP. No tracker is perfect and are only as good as the data you put in them. I like that it shows my “streak” for logging in (habit building) and displays my food intake in a visual macro-nutrient pie chart. It sends me reminders, congratulates me on milestones, and helps keep me on track with my goals. My perfect trio: Fitbit, MFP, and MapMyWalk. Together, they are like the work-out partners who never call out sick! You can find MFP and MMW in the app store. Here’s a link to the Fitbit Charge HR. There are cheaper (and more expensive) models but this one has been my solid rock for me. Let’s get to steppin’!


  1. Accessories
    I love, love, love Tervis Tumblers! The clear ones that look and feel like a regular glass but with spunk! I love everything about them –the designs and their ability to keep my beverage cold or hot longer. They don’t sweat which means no worry about water marks on the table and they make awesome, useful gifts. Personally, I love using them as a way of subtly showing a bit of my personality: maybe a hint of where I’ve traveled or an activity that I’ve accomplished. If there’s a tumbler in the gift shop, consider it sold! (Along with a refrigerator magnet!) Here’s one sample of a fav of mine: Butterflies! It reminds me of my own transformation.


  1. Music
    Like most people, music evokes a lot of emotions for me. While I love music of all genres, I don’t really worry about the details of artists’ personal lives or every album they’ve ever made or how many top 10’s they’ve had. I remember artist because of how they make me feel. Like a lot of women, I am still longing for another chance at love. Two songs that stir up the emotion of a deep, enduring kind of love is Keith Urban’s Only You Can Love Me This Way and Uncle Kracker’s Smile. Oh, to have a man sing these words to me…. Be still my heart! Take a listen today.Be happy, be healthy!

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